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3 Castle Tour

Bran Castle

Bran Castle: Was build by the Teuton knights in 13Th century as a defense fortress to protect the border between Transylvania and Wallachia. In the 15th century Dracula (Vlad the Impaler) was incarcerate here. For century people are looking for the truth behind Dracula. On this trip you'll hear the legend, the truth and true stories of the locals. You'll taste the local produce and most important you'll have fun.

Bran     Castle    Interior Bran Castle

Rasnov FortressRasnov Fortress: Is an impressive 14Th century Fortress build on top of a 150m hill build by the Saxon colonists to protect the crop. The simple yet effective structure still stands against all enemies. As we drive by the scenic Bucegi and Piatra Craiului Mountains, Rasnov Fortress appears like a fairy tale Castle on top of the hill. On the site was build the deepest well in Eastern Europe 146m. To build the well 2 turkish prisoners worked for 17 years in exchange of their freedom. From the Fortress on the sunny days there's a visibility of 30 km with beautiful views of Bucegi & Piatra Craiului Mountains. The fortress was build to protect 11 villages around Rasnov. In 800 years of existence none could conquered by war.

Rasnov Fortress   Rasnov Fortress

Peles PalacePeles Palace: It’s over-the-top opulent with 160 rooms, a lot of them with different themes, like the Turkish and Moorish salons, rooms designed in Baroque and Rococo. Amazing carved and inlaid wood floors, panels, and ceilings, statues, paintings, armour and weapons, luxurious furniture, leaded glass windows. From the outside, the castle looks like a really nice hunting lodge with statues and fountains on the grounds, and an elegant clock tower. It’s on a hill surrounded by rich forests and the towering peaks of the Carpathians.

Tour details

  • 1 person - 60 euro
  • 2 persons - 70 euro
  • 3-6 person - 25 euro/person
  • +6 persons - 20 euro/person
  • Transport by private car/minivan
  • English speaking tour guide
NOT included: Entrance fees at Museums


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