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Gypsy Village trip

Eastern & Central Europe beginning with the 9 & 10th century were invaded by different migrating nations arrived from the Caucus area & most known India. The migrating people arrived from India is known today as "roma" people. Depending on the area they settled, the gypsy people of Europe formed a particular style of cloths, culture and tradition and they copied other traditions from the countries they settled. You'll discover that countries like Serbia, Romania, Spain , Italia, France, Bulgaria or the Slavic countries, the gypsy people are divided in the ones that have a trade transmitted from generation to generation of craftsmans, jewelers and the ones that still keep the nomad tradition, the ones that don't want to settle in one place. The traditional costumes varied from the county to county but still are characterized by multicolour cloths for women and more dark combination of colors for men. You'll be sourprised by the way they rise the children gypayes, the they arrange marriegies, the famous gypsy music world reknown, the way they adapted to live togheter with the local people from Transylvania. Maybe some times they don't like to work and they chase easy money creating problems to the local industrial population but they have something unique with their metod of story telling. So many thing that start your couriosity to look at them closly.



Tour details

  • 1 person - 50 euro
  • 2 persons - 60 euro
  • 3-6 person - 20 euro/person
  • +6 persons - 15 euro/person


  • Transport by private car/minivan
  • English speaking tour guide

Part of the money are used to buy food for the Gypsy families we visit!