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Tandem flights with the best instructors in Romania.

 Tandem Flight     Paragliding in Brasov

Paragliding is the simplest and most serene way to fulfill humankind's oldest dream -- free flight!
The pilot jogs down a gentle slope and glides away from the mountain. There is no free-falling or jumping off of cliffs. The launches and landings are slow and gentle and, once in the air, most people are surprised by how quiet and peaceful the experience is. Even a fear of heights is rarely a factor, as there is no sensation of falling. Paragliding is a completly natural rush of eurphoria the kind that makes you feel so alive it's defeniently an experience of a life time. And what better place to fly than the pristine Carpathian mountain range of Romania. This sport does not require extraordinary strength or physical condition, only the ability to run a few meters. Beginners are accompanied by an experienced instructor flying tandem.