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Day trip to Bran, Rasnov, Harman & Prejmer

Bran Castle: Was build by the Teuton knights in 13Th century as a defense fortress to protect the border between Transylvania and Wallachia. In the 15th century Dracula (Vlad the Impaler) was incarcerate here. For century people are looking for the truth behind Dracula. On this trip you'll hear the legend, the truth and true stories of the locals. You'll taste the local produce and most important you'll have fun.

Bran    Castle    Interior Bran Castle

Rasnov FortressRasnov Fortress: Is an impressive 14Th century Fortress build on top of a 150m hill build by the Saxon colonists to protect the crop. The simple yet effective structure still stands against all enemies. As we drive by the scenic Bucegi and Piatra Craiului Mountains, Rasnov Fortress appears like a fairy tale Castle on top of the hill. On the site was build the deepest well in Eastern Europe 146m. To build the well 2 turkish prisoners worked for 17 years in exchange of their freedom. From the Fortress on the sunny days there's a visibility of 30 km with beautiful views of Bucegi & Piatra Craiului Mountains. The fortress was build to protect 11 villages around Rasnov. In 800 years of existence none could conquered by war.

Rasnov Fortress   Rasnov Fortress

Harman Fortified Church: The church is thought to have been built by the Cistercian monks, an obscure order of Roman Catholics originating in France, who were severe in their beliefs in reformism and simplicity (they’re now affiliated with the Benedictines and Trappist monks). The sect gained popularity in Hungary, and considering the Austro-Hungarian Empire’s presence in Transylvania, explains how they ended up here. The Cistercian monks didn’t last long, and the church was taken over by Saxons and fortified. Like Prejmer, the walls also have chambers in which residents could take refuge. Unfortunately, this fortified church wasn’t able to fend off invaders as well as Prejmer, and fell under siege 47 times!

Prejmer Fortress: The fortress in Prejmer is definitely the most impressive fortified church in Transylvania. The church was built by the Teutonic knights in the 13th century and then the local community of Saxons built the wall for protection. What’s really interesting about this fortified church is that within the walls are 272 chambers, and each one is numbered exactly as the houses in the village. They did this so that each household would have a place to store supplies in case they were attacked. Behind the chambers is a passageway that goes along the perimeter of the wall, where guards were stationed to toss arrows or boiling oil at the attackers. We can actually go into the chambers and walk along the guard’s passageway, and I’ll tell you all the stories. Prejmer’s fortress is so amazing it’s been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Tour details

  • 1 person - 40 euro
  • 2 persons - 50 euro
  • 3-6 person - 20 euro/person
  • +6 persons - 15 euro/person
  • Transport by private car/minivan
  • English speaking tour guide
Not included: Entrance fees at Museums


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