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We will always offer you respect, in everything we do. Honesty, seriousness and professionalism are our principals.

We can offer you extended tours, with diffrent tourist attraction like: Monasteries in Bucovina, Maramures & Danube Delta Area.




Phoenix Villa

DormitoryWe will be honoured to welcome you. Our guesthouse will offer the traditional hospitality, respect and honesty of the Transylvanian people, from the most beautiful city of Romania, the medieval Brasov.Very close to the center, at 20 minutes walking, inside zone 1, at 2 minutes from the Civic Center, and 5 minutes from the railway station. Phoenix Villa is located in a green and relaxing area, with a nice view of Piatra Mare and Tampa mountains, with good transport connections to any historical sites, or any other chosen place.

Room Rates:
We offer:
Breakfast included in high season!

We offer for all our guest:


Hiking trips
We arrange hiking trips around Brasov for independent travelers but also small groups.
Brasov it's the perfect place for one day hiking trips. You can chose from a wide range of places to explore as Brasov is surrounded by mountains.

Recomended trips:

Bucegi Mountains: Babele cabin, Padina cabin, Bolboci Lake, Pestera cabin (visiting the cave), Omu peak 2500m
Piatra Craiului Mountains: Curmatura cabin, The edge of Piatra Craiului Mountain 2387m
Piatr Mare Mountain: Piatra Mare cabin 2100m
Postavaru Mountain: Poiana Brasov & Postavaru peak 1800m




100 euro/group

 Proffesional mountain guide

Not included: 
Lunch, transport, Entrance fees and accommodation.
We can include all of this for the price of 50 euro/person

The trips start with a minimum of 2 people.


Tandem flights with the best instructors in Romania.

 Tandem Flight   Paragliding in Brasov

Paragliding is the simplest and most serene way to fulfill humankind's oldest dream -- free flight! 
The pilot jogs down a gentle slope and glides away from the mountain. 
There is no free-falling or jumping off of cliffs. 
The launches and landings are slow and gentle and, once in the air, most people are surprised by how quiet and peaceful the experience is.
Even a fear of heights is rarely a factor, as there is no sensation of falling. 
Paragliding is a completly natural rush of eurphoria the kind that makes you feel so alive it's defeniently an experience of a life time. 
And what better place to fly than the pristine Carpathian mountain range of Romania.
This sport does not require extraordinary strength or physical condition, only the ability to run a few meters. Beginners are accompanied by an experienced instructor flying tandem.


  • 1-2 person - 70 euro/person
  • 3-6 persons - 50 euro/person

  • Transport to the flighing location
  • Licenssed first class tandem instructor (pilot)


Horse ridding
Come and spend a unique holiday in Transylvania, Romania! Discover the mythic land of Dracula, explore the Carpathian mountains, probably the last completely unspoiled region in Europe!
We arrange horse riding trips in Poiana Brasov and surroundings for all age people.





  • 1 person - 80 euro
  • 2 persons - 60 euro/person
  • 3 - 6 persons - 50 euro/person


Day trip to Gypsy Villages

Eastern & Central Europe beginning with the 9 & 10th century were invaded by different migrating nations arrived from the Caucus area & most known India. The migrating people arrived from India is known today as "roma" people. Depending on the area they settled, the gypsy people of Europe formed a particular style of cloths, culture and tradition and they copied other traditions from the countries they settled. You'll discover that countries like Serbia, Romania, Spain , Italia, France, Bulgaria or the Slavic countries, the gypsy people are divided in the ones that have a trade transmitted from generation to generation of craftsmans, jewelers and the ones that still keep the nomad tradition, the ones that don't want to settle in one place. The traditional costumes varied from the county to county but still are characterized by multicolour cloths for women and more dark combination of colors for men. You'll be sourprised by the way they rise the children gypayes, the they arrange marriegies, the famous gypsy music world reknown, the way they adapted to live togheter with the local people from Transylvania. Maybe some times they don't like to work and they chase easy money creating problems to the local industrial population but they have something unique with their metod of story telling. So many thing that start your couriosity to look at them closly.



Tour details
  • Transport by private car/minivan
  • English speaking tour guide

Part of the money are used to buy food for the gypsy families we visit.