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Welcome to Brasov!
We offer the best and cheapest day trips from Brasov and Bucharest for budget travellers who want to get the most out of their travel in Romania.
We arrange tailor made trips on request with the best prices to suit every budget.
Independent travellers frequently use Brasov as a base to take day trips and explore the amazing nature and rich history of Transylvania.
Brasov city is the most interesting place in Romania with architecture from 14th - 21st century. Brasov, Black ChurchIn the museum of the first Romanian school located in Scheii Brasovului one can find documents from the 11th century documenting the existence of Romanian, Hungarian and Saxon. The narrowest street in Eastern Europe is in Brasov too. It's documented in 13th century and it was used by the fire department to access various parts of the Citadel. The Mediavel city of Brasov was known between 14th-17th century as a powerful commercial centre where produce from Western Europe would meet with Greek or Oriental. Winter in Brasov
A city where tourist come for just one day are surprised that a week is not enough. The local craftsmen's were organised in trade marks like families with different ranks depending on the social status. You can see with the eye of your mind how clothes, shoes were made, You can admire the bastions, gates and the old walls of the Citadel, the famous Black Church, the biggest Gothic style building in Romania or the oldest Orthodox church in Brasov - St. Nicolae Church part of UNESCO patrimony.

We will always offer you respect, in everything we do. Honesty, seriousness and professionalism are our principals.

We can offer you extended tours, with diffrent tourist attraction like: Monasteries in Bucovina, Maramures & Danube Delta Area.


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Black Church  




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Now you understand why Brasov is the most appreciated tourist attraction from Romania?
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